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We're currently in the process of upgrading CONTENTdm, the software we use to present our digital collections on the web. This is a somewhat cumbersome process as it involves reconfiguring some of the collections we already have online. It may take a week or two so please be patient and understand that we will most likely not be adding any new material nor modifying any existing material until the switchover is complete.

When that happens, you should see several improvements including:

  • A more intuitive user interface that allows you to save favorites and to download and print items more easily.
  • Improved search functionality across multiple collections.
  • Better performance from a new, more powerful server.
  • Improved item description displays on multipage items.
  • A "newest items" feed for each collection so that you can subscribe via Google Reader or other options and see new items as they are added to the collections.
The ride may be a little bumpy for the next few weeks. Your patience and understanding are most appreciated. The launch of our new server will also coincide with the unveiling of several new and expanded collections.

Watch this space for updates.

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