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Christmas shopping in Greensboro, 1912

Some great holiday gifts from Meyer's Department Store in Greensboro, featured in their advertisement in the 19 December 1912 Greensboro Patriot:

For men:
  • Automobile English Robes, third floor.
  • Bath Robes, eiderdown fleece, second floor.
  • Silk Sox, all colors,imported.
  • English Cravats, individual boxes.
  • Hand-embroidered Handkerchiefs.
  • Initial Handkerchiefs, six in box.
  • Kid Gloves, lined and unlined.
  • Knit Work Gloves, "English."
  • Pajamas of silk or fleece.
For women:
  • Furs, Lynx, fox, sealskin, moleskin.
  • Coats, fur, astrachan, wool, plush.
  • Suits, 300 to select from.
  • Handkerchiefs, real lace and hand embroidered.
  • Slippers, undress kid and hand crochet.
  • Toilet articles, in ivory and silver.
  • Real Gold Jewelry, high novelties.
Blaustein's and Brown-Belk Co, were featuring suits and coats:

Odell Hardware offered just about everything and made "Christmas shopping easy" by staying open till 9:00.

The Digital Projects Team at UNCG wishes you a happy holiday season even if we cannot offer you fancy Japanese china or a good $7.95 suit!

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