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Campus Construction, ca. 1949

We found this interesting article while working on the Class of 1950 Scrapbook as part of the University Archives Scrapbook Collection. It details several construction projects on the Woman's College (Now UNCG) campus around 1949. Included are the original building of what is now Jackson Library, Ragsdale-Mendenhall residence halls, and the Home Economics Building (now Stone).

The article notes that the new $1,000,000 library building, which would open in 1950, "is designed to hold 300,000 books, about double the capacity of the present library" and goes on to discuss "the three soundproof audio-visual rooms" and the auditorium (now called Randall Jarrell Hall). The library was to have closed stacks, just like the Carnegie Library it replaced, but was expected to have a "much wider selection of general books, reference books, and periodicals" in open shelving.

There is also a discussion of the new dormitory, the interior of which was modeled after the already-built Weil-Winfield residence hall and of the many features of the new Home Economics building, which was a significant expansion of the existing building. Noteworthy were the new food storage facilities, the "air conditioned auditorium equipped for movies and television" and the textile research laboratories.

The last section discusses plans for the new infirmary (now Gove Student Health Center), the student union (now Elliott University Center), and additions to what is now the Petty Building. Noted modernist architect Edward Loewenstein was also working on plans for a gymnasium addition.

The early 1950s were obviously something of a building boom at UNCG.


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