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Digital collections update

As we start the new academic year, it's time to unveil some new and expanded digital collections:

New collections:

  • Greenhouse Cello Music Collection (Initial phase now complete)
    This collection features 230 items, including programs, annotated music scores, and album covers related to cellist Bernard Greenhouse, a revered performer and pedagogue known for his role as a founding member of the internationally renowned Beaux Arts Trio. We hope to expand this collection to include video and oral history materials in the coming months.
  • Physical Education Pamphlets (Complete)
    This collection features 236 items created between 1838 and 1975 on such subjects as exercise and physical education, diet and nutrition, and health issues.
  • WUAG Exhibit (Complete)
    This exhibit includes 136 photographs, documents, and other items from the records of UNCG's campus radio station that have been added to the University Archives digital collection. We will be adding audio and several interviews later this year.
Collections with significant additions:

  • Greensboro Historical Newspapers (Initial phase now complete)
    This collection now includes all existing microfilmed issues (nearly 4000) of the Greensboro Patriot from 1826-1922 as well as a collection of World War II newspapers from Greensboro's ORD/BTC-10 army base. We have obtained copyright clearance to digitize the remaining issues of the Patriot and may do so if funding can be secured.
  • The Carolinian, 1919-2008 (Complete)
    All existing issues (nearly 3000) of The Carolinian from 1919-2008 are now available online. Issues from 2008 to 2012 are currently being microfilmed and digitized and will be online soon. After that, we hope to add new issues at the end of each academic year.
  • American Publishers Trade Bindings, Phase IV (Ongoing)
    Over 400 new items have been added in the past year.
  • Oral History Collections (Ongoing)
    Approximately 60 new oral histories have been added since March, including 25 from the Rotary Club/Preserving Our History collection.
  • Women Veterans Historical Project (Ongoing)
    Numerous oral histories, printed items, and photographs have been added.
Later this month, we will be unveiling the LSTA-funded North Carolina Runaway Slave Advertisements, 1751-1840 project, which contains around 2400 runaway slave ads that appeared in North Carolina newspapers in searchable full-text format.

We area also starting to work on Textiles, Teachers, and Troops: Greensboro NC, 1881-1945 and on the rest of year's roster of priority projects. More about these to follow:

  • Manuscripts Scrapbooks
  • American Publishers Trade Bindings, Phase V
  • ASERL Center of Excellence for Nutrition: Government Documents Pamphlets
  • Home Economics Pamphlets
  • Greensboro Historical Newspapers, Phase II

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