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Preserving Local History Update

On March 20, I participated in the eighth annual Carolyn & Norwood Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo on behalf of our team.  It was certainly an exciting and informative expo - there were at least a hundred other student presenters!

The expo was particularly well set up, and I greatly enjoyed viewing the presentations and posters of others. The expo was set up in an interesting way that really provided students the opportunity to present in ways that best suited individual needs and presentation styles.  There were three options for presenting:  poster, verbal presentation, and creative presentations.  I chose to make a poster to hang for public viewing, as did most of the other participants.   Several judges came by to view each poster and ask questions.  The judges seemed interested in what we are doing, and several commented that this project seemed innovative and well done.  That feedback was certainly the type that we like to hear, and it was encouraging - we want to see how outsiders view our purpose and our mission as much as possible.

Next up on the agenda is wrapping up calls to potential participants, making possible on-site visits, creating charts and a modified presentation for a few upcoming events, and working on that all-important best practices manual!

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