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Digital projects priorities, 2015-2016

The University Libraries' Digital Projects Priorities Team met earlier this summer to hear the status of last year's projects and to determine the priority projects for the upcoming academic year.

New projects for 2015-2016:

Tier 1:
  • Cello Manuscripts (Phase 2): This will increase the number of items available online. UNCG has the world's largest collection of cello music. These items are primarily music scores hand-annotated by noted cellists.
  • Maud Gatewood collection: Correspondence, Sketchbooks, etc. from an art faculty member at UNCG. This is very interesting materials and gets us started working with visual arts collections.
  • School of Music programs: Recital programs from UNCG's predecessor institutions through 1963. Like the theatre programs we digitized a few years ago, this is a heavily used research collection in SCUA.
  • Student Handbooks (Phase 2): This completes what we started with one of the collections in Textiles, Teachers, and Troops. Again, this is a very heavily used research collection that will complement yearbooks, catalogs, and newspapers already online.
Tier 2:
  • Children’s literature project: Vintage children's books, much like the Lenski items we've already done.
  • Student life records: Vertical files covering student activities at UNCG over the years. This will be part of the exiting University Archives collection and is similar to the "class of" files we digitized a few years back.
Additional projects:
  • Digital Greensboro portalWe plan to expand the custom-created Textiles, Teachers, and Troops interface to tie together all our local history collections and to create a framework for adding additional material from our own collections and from our partners
  • American Publishers Trade Bindings metadata cleanup: Fine tuning as we plan to add this final collection to WorldCat and make it more user-friendly.
2014-2015 project status:

Ongoing projects from 2013-2014:
New projects:
“Ad hoc” additional projects:
  • Completed project to standardize place of publication/publisher field in all digital collections to provide better WorldCat/MARC consistency.
  • Worked with OCLC to eliminate substandard MARC records created in initial sync of American Publishers Trade Bindings and Hansen collections in 2008. All but 200 records deleted from WorldCat.
  • Navigation improvements to CONTENTdm site.

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